3 Chic Holiday Party Outfits

With December upon us, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Before you know it, it is time for Christmas Eve and New Year’s outfit shopping. The constant questions of what do you wear, why do I buy my outfit, etc all clutter our minds. But not to worry, these few outfit ideas will have you feeling fashionable and festive. You will sparkle as bright as the holiday lights 🙂

1. Inexpensive-Holiday-Party-Outfit

Red is the perfect dress color for the holiday. It brings class and sophistication to the season. Pair the dress with black heels and a clutch purse to bring everything together. To bring more sparkle, wear a pair of gold earrings and a bracelet. This outfit will help you shine at any party!

2. budget-friendly-holiday-party-outfit

For a more fancy holiday party, wear a dress with gold and sequins. Gold will make everyone look at you in awe. Pair the dress with either black heels or gold to match the dress. Be bold in accessories because you do not want to disappoint. Try dangly earring and a bracelet.

3. Holiday-Party-Outfit-Under-100

LBD is always the go-to item for holiday parties. LBD stands for little black dress and every girl needs one. However, if the party is on the formal side, a long black dress will do the trick. Go all out with the outfit by adding accessories to make the dress pop. Add a clutch and a pair of heels to finish the outfit.

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Survive the Storm: Hair Tips for Rainy Days

As any girl can understand, rainy days and hair do NOT mix. Frizz and stringy stands of hair result from the rain. While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly control how our hair looks on rainy days. Here are a few tips on how to survive the storm while keeping hair fresh.

1. Do not straighten your hair

Straightening hair on rainy days is pointless because the rain will cause frizz and unnecessary worry about how your hair looks. Opt for either a hat or just let your natural hair be.

2. Pull it back

Most girls want to let their hair down, but with rain in the picture that is not possible. On days like this, place your hair in a low ponytail or a high bun, You can still manage to look cute while battling the rain.

3. Hairspray

A light coating of hairspray can help hair stay in place during the crazy weather and add extra moisture.

4. Braid

Styling your hair in a braid is the easiest way to avoid frizz and oily looking hair. Braids add a youthful and fun look.

5. Umbrella

It is no secret that using an umbrella will decrease the chances of ruining your hair. Always bring your umbrella no matter where you go.

Cyber Monday: How to get More Bang for Your Buck

Love to save money? Christmas shopping has never been easier with the deals that happen after Thanksgiving. While everyone is out early on Black Friday morning storming stores and isles, the smart shoppers wait until after the weekend to get the best deals. That day is known as Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday allows shoppers to search for any item online and purchase it right there. The online offers only last one day, but don’t worry websites update their information quickly.

Best Company Deals

1. Amazon

2. BestBuy

3. Staples

4. Macy’s

5. Sears

Cyber Monday is a great day for all retail lovers. Shoppers will save money and time by purchasing items online. However, there are a few tips to remember before you plant yourself in front of the computer.

Cyber Monday Retail Tips

1. Keep credit/debit card information safe

2. Always bookmark the website of interest

3. Know what item you want to purchase

4. Check sites often to make sure the deal is available

5. Always price check and compare

6. Beware of scams and only shop on verified websites

7. Stay connected on social media

Follow these tips and your Cyber Monday will end in success!

Six Shopping Apps That Will Change Your Life

Apps are the little life hacks that we all enjoy. From dating to music, apps are the new way of life. These six shopping apps are helping all shopaholics eveywehre. After all, a little retail therapy is all a girl needs!

1. Shop It to Me

This app allows you to browse your favorite brands and stores without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Users will receive alerts daily when a particular item is available for purchase. Never again will you be comparing prices with other items.

2. Retail Me Not

Never pay full price for clothes again! This app allows users to search hundreds of stores looking for that perfect outfit. Also, coupons for those clothes are provided with this app which is something all shoppers love.

3. Spring

Want pieces of your outfit from different designers? That is totally possibly with the Spring app. Users can mix and match outfit items from different stores and designers to create that perfect outfit. You can swipe right to look at your choices and press buy when you are ready.

4. Shopkick

This app provides users with points when they walk into any store. These points turn into giftcards which can be used at the particular stores.

5. Poshmark

Vintage clothes are all the rage these days. This app lets users “shop” in other’s closets and designer showrooms to piece together a totally cool old school outfit. You can buy or sell any clothing item of your choice. Your vintage outfit dreams are right at your fingertips.

6. Salesorter

This app lets users know what stores are having sales and which are not. The app is updated constantly and always provides information to its users.

Note: All these apps are available in the App store.

Hottest Fall Trend: Nail polish

Deciding what nail polish color to choose is a difficult task for any female. With fall in full swing, darker colors are the prime choice. November is a good time as ever to shake up your nail polish routine. Not saying you have to say goodbye to your favorites, but these three colors will leave you rethinking the usual.

1. Navy blue

Blue is a nice all around color, but navy is perfect for the fall. While it is not quite as edgy as black, navy looks sophisticated next to any outfit.

2. Maroon

Maroon nails are the epitome of fall weather and fashion. With either a brown or purple undertone, this color is perfect for any complexion.

3. Red

A classic! Red nails scream fall ready. Lighter or darker tones of red can truly shine.

Editor’s note: print one nail with silver/gold glitter to add that extra sparkle this fall

All You Need is One Pump

Dry, itchy skin can be unbearable. It can happen any time, especially in the late fall and winter. But before you reach for that bottle of lotion, consider some of the ingredients. Some lotions can make your skin even drier. As a girl with sensitive skin, I like to keep moisturized, but am always conscious about what lotion I use. I have tried a variety of different lotions, but none have truly worked…until now.

I recently purchased Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer and I could not be happier. This moisturizer seriously works. No bad breakouts from it and does not leave an oily feeling on my skin. It leaves your skin feeling and looking radiant. All you need is one pump for each side and your skin will never look any better.


Quick Tip Sheet: Career Success

4 Tips for Success

  • Accomplish/Hands on
  • Promote Yourself
  • Make Connections (PRSSA, SPJ, etc)
  • Hobbies outside of career

Other Useful Tips:

  • Network
  • Be creative
  • Ask questions
  • Shadow employees/companies
  • Discipline yourself
  • Remain dependable

Fall Inspired Fashion

With the temperatures slowly declining, it’s time to put away the sandals and tanks and take out the cardigans and scarves. Fall fashion is finally upon us. But, it doesn’t have to be boring or layer heavy. Here are three cute, easy, and stylish fall wear ideas for any time and place!


Oversized sweater with black legging and boots is a simple, yet sophisticated look perfect for those fall Sundays. You can even pair it with an infinity scarf to add that extra sparkle.


Simple plaid long sleeved flannel with dark jeans and boots. This fall look is perfect for classes or just hanging out with some friends. Add a sleeveless vest over the shirt for a warmer feel.


Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to put away your dresses. Pair tights underneath your dress of choices with a sweater and booties to have the perfect fall date outfit. You can add a scarf or purse for something a little extra.

(All photo credit from Pinterest)